Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Knox is single handedly bringing Punk Rock back with his latest single “Sneakers”

As someone who grew up in the early 2000’s listening to bands like Sum 41, All Time Low, and Newfound Glory, I was so excited to stumble across this song by up and coming artist Knox.

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Listening to Sneakers instantly transported me back to 2003 hanging with friends getting into all kinds of trouble at the mall. Take a listen for yourself, or better yet look how it is trending on TikTok with popular creators like @CrewDoyle. In doing some research for this post I think I stumbled across the best explanation of what this song does to you by twitter user @spookytodeath who said “what did you put in this song? is it the same thing they put in mcdonald’s sprite??? it’s serotonin straight the the brain”. I can’t agree more, and I am very excited to see where Knox goes from here. Here’s to hoping he will do an artist interview with us over here at RageRobot soon.

Knox “Sneakers”

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