“Sneaker Marks” by Quinn Ayers

Coming in hot off the success of his latest LP Feelings Have Ceilings Quinn Ayers just released a new record for the fans. If you didn’t get a chance to check out his latest LP hit the link above and give the full project a listen. The album was well produced, well thought out, and all in all unforgettable.

His latest release “Sneaker Marks” finds the Las Vegas native going in over a solid acoustic guitar-led beat. The track sets the stage for Ayers’ lyricism from beginning to end and will capture and hold onto your attention with a heartfelt vibe. Ayers has done a great job of bearing all on his records. This honestly has really allowed his fan base a chance to get to know Quinn Ayers on a deeper level and has quickly become one of our favorite aspects to this artists.

“Sneaker Marks” is cool, calm, collected, and will ring in your head for days after it has ended. We’ll be on the lookout for more music from Quinn in the future but for now, we’ll be vibing out to “Sneaker Marks” for the rest of the month!… Or at least till this track hits 10k listens at which point Ayers has promised to continue “releasing songs from the vault.”

“Sneaker Marks” by Quinn Ayers

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