Hayley Williams “Dead Horse” Music Video | Mini “Petals For Armor” Review

If you have not had a chance to check out Hayley Williams‘s entire solo album entitled Petals For Armor I highly recommend you do. The project as a whole has a bit of a somber undertone to it but for the most part, every single song has something to offer musically. I can legit say I have no problem listening to the entire project from beginning to end. You find yourself getting lost in the music. Some songs change beat mid-record and take you in an entirely different direction making for an emotional roller coaster of a project and I love it. I am very interested to see where the Paramore singer takes her new solo career. Her solo sound is new, unusual, and adoring.

“Dead Horse” definitely stuck out to me when I first heard it. The song features an unusual vibe to start (as does most of the songs on the album) but will ring in your head for days after it has ended. Hayley’s confident vocals are the perfect vehicle, leading the listener from beginning to end of the record with ease. The hook is unforgettable and proves to be the cherry on top of an epic track!

The video for this project seems to encompass a dreamscape sort of vibe. As Hayley sings along to the song we are presented with visuals that accurately depict the lyrics. The hazy almost intoxicated dream world makes for an excellent representation of the song and of the whole demeanor of the album. I am in love with this song, the entire album, and with Hayley. Hit the play button and get ready for a roller coaster. This song is amazing!

Hayley Williams “Dead Horse” Music Video

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